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09 april 2013

looking for a new member

There will be 1 ROOM available in the Poortgebouw around

November 2015

to be used as living space and/or studio.

To enjoy living/working amongst 30 people of over 10 different nationalities - artists, musicians, students - you need to be positive,
social, and equipped with a sense of humor. But this must be combined with maturity and responsibility: we are looking for a (mental) age of over 25.

Apart from living together, we're also running an organization with many diverse cultural activities like concerts, workshops and the weekly eetcafe. We have won a lengthy court case with the owner of our building, and we are now in the process of professionalizing the cultural breeding place part, which will involve organizational changes, thorough construction work to the building, and most likely a new owner.

At this moment we are actively looking for people that have time, energy and skills to contribute to the breeding place aspect and the professionalization process.

Some board (bestuur) experience and Dutch language skills would be a bonus. Handyman skills are also welcome, as there is always something to fix in a big old house like ours. We prefer long term commitment (>1 year) over short stays.

Contributing is a requirement, living here is optional.

This may look more like an advert for a job than for a living group / cultural breeding ground, nevertheless we are looking forward to responses! Please email us a short motivation for wanting to work/live with us and how you envision to contribute (in English, as not everyone here is fluent in Dutch). 

Email: newpeople DOT poortgebouw AT gmail DOT com 

Monthly rent: 305 euro incl. internet, electricity, heating, toilet paper and toilet brushes.


Summer ends:

From Sunday 2nd september we start the year with a fresh eatcafe! And it's actually sunny 2. See you at 19h.


Summer break:

we spend july & august in Saint-Tropez, see you again in september! Have a good and wet summer.

A Dutch article from AD/Rotterdam about former employees working in PG (Havenbedrijf etc):



for showing up in such large numbers at our open day !

We had a lot of fun touring everyone (young and old-er) around the house and showing you a bit of our lives.

Saturday 18th February:
Press (AD 2012-02-18):
(click article for large size)


Sunday 19th February:
OPEN DAY at Poortgebouw !
guided tours:               14h-19h, every hour
exhibitions:                 14h-19h
vegetarian eatcafe:     19h
mystery concert:          around 21h


check the agenda

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